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Press Release Real Estate Advertising 2

For instance, a recent press release by a particular real estate company in Michigan has put forward the new, advanced and highly efficient lockbox system presently being used by their real estate associates. This is the same sort of system we discussed in the preceding chapter.

The advantages their associates got from making use of the system was carefully explained along with the benefits that their clients would have when they benefit of their service. This was clearly summarized. What was also clearly explained was how efficient their system was in making sure that only quality service is provided.

Therefore, a press release should generate valid and significant leads. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter is that, simply getting your name and business out there won’t automatically imply business. So, it is therefore important that a press release can offer both potential buyers and sellers something free, an offer that your potential clients will probably not be able to get elsewhere. Putting all of this out will increase your chances of being contacted, than if you’d offered something that people could get anywhere else.

The best and supreme thing to offer are usually any written resources such as catalogs, pamphlets, etc. Making use of such resources is also a good way to put your company and skills forward. You must use this option wisely, and not abuse it.

This should be thoroughly mentioned in the press release, but it is also important that you take stock of the freebies you hand out and the record of success. Which freebie generated more leads and which of them generated less response.

It is also essential that the reason why you put up free items or offers be thoroughly detailed or at least be made understandable to your potential clients. Truthfulness and reliability is the best impression you can leave any of your clients. These two elements beat any and all forms of press release. Make it always clear and be sincere as well that the freebies you are handing out are not intended to immediately make the client buy. It is also in order for you to get as much valid and relevant leads as you can which will be able to get in touch with you at the soonest time possible.

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