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Contractor Show Real Estate Advertising

Contractor and Home Builder shows are gaining increasing popularity with people who are interested in building their home or are even just considering having one custom-built by themselves.

Bearing in mind that a real estate agent is on the lookout for leads, this is quite obviously a potential goldmine of customers for you. Here's how to take full advantage of this opportunity.

First of all, try to align yourself with the most well-known and respected contractors or home builders in the show. These individuals will have greater strength than others, and most likely, customers will be more likely to stop at their stand or spot than others. Try to ensure that these contractors will be referring the traffic back to you. You might also like to put up a booth where interested people might gather further information on real estate. This will not only enable you to communicate with some potential clients, but you will also be getting the opportunity to gather information on them that may have importance for your upcoming business contracts.

Don’t take for granted the contacts you can make in contractor or home builder shows. Street signs or promotional brochures given out in random commercial spaces might be useful to a certain point, but the people that crowd to these shows will very likely be very much interested in the services you offer, and will simply be choosing amongst several alternatives.

Furthermore, this interaction will enable you to express your ideas more effectively as well as your comparative advantage over the next best thing. It will also give you more space to convince a potential lead to want your services, or simply provide you with the necessary information in order for them to receive extra brochures and company catalogs.

Also, try to ensure that you have your card ready. Your customer may be very interested in the idea working with you, but without your card, they'll be very likely to forget about you. Further, they won't be able to get back to you. So always keep your card in hand while you make your amazing sales pitch and hopefully you will surely get some solid leads yourself.

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