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Lockbox Opening to Real Estate Leads

Lockboxes are devices used by real estate agents in order to get hold of house keys as well as properties which are listed as available for buying. Lockboxes exist for the number initial reason that it is an important tool in order to make sure that only authorized agents could get inside houses that are for sale.

Lockboxes are so called because that is exactly what they are. More usually, these boxes are metallic and are attached to the doorknob in front of the house or any other safe area nearby. Inside this box will be another smaller sized box in which the key of the house will be located. This will ensure that no unauthorized strangers could come inside freely.

On the other hand, lockboxes that are available these days are more high-tech. Right now, current lockboxes contain a small microprocessor and makes use of an electronic key for it to be opened. This key would only be available to the members of a listing service, each key holding a specially marked identifier. The agent who is a member of the listing service in their local areas will also be assigned a unique and specific code that will be highly personalized.

Only they could access this code as they aren’t allowed to give it to other listing agents.

The purpose of this procedure is so that whoever enters, the microprocessor will sort of record or print a log as to who went inside the house, along with the time and date. This will be an efficient security tool for the homeowner. However primarily, lockboxes are there for facilitating the sale of the house.

Without a lockbox, the seller of the house would then need to be present when a potential buyer stops by together with his or her agent. Due to the lockbox, the seller’s presence will become voluntary and not an absolute requirement. Also, there is the question security poses.

Some mishaps might occur, such as the seller accidentally leaving the door open after giving buyers a tour around the house. Through the lockbox, there won’t be any guessing as to who did what. Questions such as who let the cat out or who left the water running in the kitchen sink won’t be an issue any longer as the identity of the agent will be clear.

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